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Casio Calculator FX-992-S

CASIO Scientific Calculator FX-992S Solar powered and battery powered, it has 383 functions and can deal with complex numbers, 12 digit + 2  Key operations are performed following the mathematical expressions exactly as they are written in the students textbook. Built-in complex number calculations plus 128 scientific constants. Berat kirim 1kg bisa untuk 5 pcs

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Rp. 189.000


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Built-in complex number calculations plus 128 scientific constants.
[ 383 Functions ] [ V.P.A.M. ] [ 12+2 Digits ] [ Two Way Power ]

• Two Way Power (Solar + Battery)
• V.P.A.M. model
• Complex number calculations
• Base-n calculation/conversion
• Standard deviation, Regression analysis
• Permutation, Combination
• 128 scientific constants
• Comes with slide-on hard case

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